Brandon Coffey

Programmer and Technical Artist

Kitty City

Kitty City is an Augmented Reality Project hosted by the New Mexico Museum of Art - Vladem Contemporary that is based on Judy Chicago’s Kitty City. I was the lead developer on the project at the VAST Lab, and worked on bringing the virtual cat models and animations into Unity for augmented reality on the Meta Quest Pro.

The project was awarded a silver medal in the Davey Awards in the Emerging Tech category for virtual and immersive experiences in augmented reality.

Additionally, it has been mentioned in the following:

Once the cats were modeled, rigged, and animated, the setup process in Unity required a custom solution for handling how the rig was exported from Maya, mentioned in this posting.

To make the cats able to walk around the room in augmented reality, a floor plan of the gallery had to be constructed and match to the real world. Spatial anchors were used to store the location of the gallery for the experience.